Introducing ROCKY, the Electronic Stabilizer Camera Mount

Operate your favourite handheld gimbal with the first
All-In-One- stabilizer rig!

Rocky allows you to work more professionally and with less fatigue thanks to a best balanced support, whatever you’re going to shot handheld or with the camera gimbal on your shoulder, the result will be always an amazing stabilized footage for any shooting requirement!

Rocky supplies power to everything from a single V-lock battery, other than give you full control of all basic camera functions such as rec start/stop, zoom, focus and iris at same time*, as never been so natural and comfortable before with handheld stabiizer!

*Camera/lens controls are possible depending on third parties active handgrips and accessories.

Discover in detail all the features specifically designed for Rocky,
to improve any requirement of the modern filmmaker

In the box

1 x Rocky base with V-lock battery mount
and DTAP/USB power hub (Steady Gun rig)

1 x Shoulder kit with handgrips

2 x Shoulder kit safety caps

3 x Short rods

1 x Shoulder strap hook for gimbal handle

ROCKY in detail

Multi attachments points for extra accessories

4 x Arri Rosette attachment points (4 x rosette included)
21 x 1/4” – UNC 20 threaded holes
8 x 3/8” – UNC 16 threaded holes with Arri locating pins

Power hub

4 x DTAP ports
1 x USB (regulated 5 Vdc) port
off-on switch

Ultra articulated arm with adjustable multi-mount for VF or monitor up to 5,5"

Easy insert of several handheld gimbals

> DJI Ronin S*, RS 2, RS 3, RS 3 Pro, RS4, RS4 Pro

> ZHIYUN Crane 4*

(*with optional adapters)

Full control of your camera /lens via third parties active handgrips

No need of ancillary equipment to hold and park the gimbal

The All-In-One shooting system for every application,
even on a tripod or as remote head